Introducing the New Hanse 360: Compact, Spacious, and Versatile

The sailing world eagerly anticipates the debut of the Hanse 360, the latest model from the renowned collaboration between Hanse Yachts and Berret-Racoupeau. As the second largest manufacturer of sailing yachts globally, Hanse Yachts brings a combination of design and practical functionality to this compact yet spacious yacht.

Hanse 360 deck

Design and Comfort

At 36 feet in length, the Hanse 360 stands out with its high volume and thoughtful layout options. The distinctive design, featuring Hanse’s signature chines, not only enhances stability and performance but also maximizes interior space, offering a level of comfort that sets it apart in its class.

Luxury and convenience are at the forefront of the Hanse 360’s design. The yacht boasts a range of customizable options, including luxurious extras such as a BBQ and refrigerator in the cockpit, extended cooling capacity below deck, and an optional second bathroom in the owner’s cabin. These features ensure that the Hanse 360 provides an unparalleled level of comfort for its size.

Hanse 360 at anchor

Performance and Handling

True to Hanse’s reputation, the Hanse 360 is designed for fast cruising and easy sailing. All lines are led to the helm station, allowing for safe and comfortable handling, even for single-handed sailing. The optional bowsprit expands sailing options, providing more power on the water, while the performance rig with a larger sail area enhances overall performance.

The yacht’s hydrodynamic design, featuring a slim waterline and wide hull, ensures a high hull speed and maximum interior space. The well-designed helm station, with optional folding seats and secondary winch, offers full control in every situation, making the Hanse 360 a versatile and reliable choice for sailors.

Hanse 360 interior salon

Interior Flexibility

Below deck, the Hanse 360 offers an intelligent arrangement of up to 16 opening hatches and windows, ensuring maximum light and ventilation. With 12 possible layout combinations, the yacht can be tailored to individual preferences. The large owner’s cabin can be equipped with its own bathroom, while the aft cabin options include either two comfortable cabins or a combination of an aft cabin and a large storage space.

The spacious saloon accommodates up to eight people at a large table, available in two versions, and the L-shaped galley meets all culinary needs. Additional fridges provide up to 192 litres of cooling capacity, and a navigation table is also included.

Hanse 360 Interior cabin

Sustainability and Upgrades

For those prioritizing sustainability, the Hanse 360 offers an environmentally friendly option with high-performance SPS Sustainable Performance Sails from Elvstrøm, made predominantly from recycled materials. Additionally, the Flagship Package upgrade includes high-quality leather handrails, luxurious upholstery, and extra reading lights, further enhancing the yacht’s appeal.

Pricing and Premiere

The Hanse 360 will make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2024. The recommended retail price for the basic version is EUR 185,900 (excluding VAT).

18 January 2024

Hanse 360: Comfort and Eco-Friendly Cruising in 2024

Scheduled for a mid-year debut, the Hanse 360, the latest addition to the successful collaborative series with yacht designers Berret-Racoupeau, boasts cutting-edge design ensuring great sailing performance and an unusually high level of comfort within its class due to its generous volume of space.

Distinguished by the distinctive Hanse chines, the new model not only presents a striking visual profile but also enhances stability and overall performance. For added versatility, an optional bowsprit is available, extending sail options and boosting on-water performance. In line with the Hanse brand ethos, the Hanse 360 is designed for swift cruising and easy handling. All control lines are directed to the helm station, ensuring a safe and comfortable sailing experience suitable for solo navigation, a hallmark of the Hanse tradition.

In a nod to sustainability, akin to the recently unveiled Hanse 410, the Hanse 360 will offer an electric drive option with an impressive range, setting a benchmark in its class for eco-friendly cruising without reliance on wind.

The official launch of the Hanse 360 is slated for summer 2024, with a grand world premiere scheduled for the Cannes Yachting Festival in September of the same year.

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