New Windelo 54: Discovering the Essence of Eco-Friendly Sailing

Windelo revealed the New Windelo 54 at the 2024 Boot Dusseldorf event in January, with plans for its World Premiere at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte, scheduled for April 2024. While awaiting the opportunity to discover it firsthand, we have decided to unveil the secrets behind the latest creation from the French shipyard. Enjoy reading!

Since its inception, Windelo has consistently demonstrated innovation in the realm of eco-friendly sailing. Since its inaugural participation in boat shows, Windelo’s catamarans have garnered enthusiastic reception, evident in the extension of their order book until 2025. This success can be attributed to several factors, including the integration of eco-friendly composite materials, electric propulsion systems, and the generation of renewable energy. Meanwhile, the success of the French shipyard is confirmed by its official debut on the American market, during the Miami Boat Show 2024, where the Windelo 50 Yachting is docked for the first time.

New Windelo 54 Yachting sailing
Courtesy Windelo

Furthermore, Windelo’s catamarans distinguish themselves through thoughtful design elements such as the division of living spaces (featuring a nacelle and single-level terrace, as well as a forward cockpit at the base of the mast) and their adaptable interior-exterior modularity. Collectively, these innovations have significantly influenced the long-distance cruising catamaran market, positioning Windelo as a transformative force within the industry.

In collaboration with architects Christophe Barreau and Frédéric Neuman, alongside design studio Ladida Design led by Charlotte Schiffer, the shipyard embarked on a mission to imbue their catamarans with a renewed identity. The objective was to bolster their character and infuse them with a contemporary aesthetic, while preserving the distinguishing features that have contributed to Windelo’s current success.

Through substantial modifications to the deck, superstructures, coachroofs, and layout, all Windelo models underwent a significant upscale transformation. This culminated in the introduction of the New Windelo 54.

New Windelo 54 Yachting sailing
Courtesy Windelo

Innovations Through Design 

When discussing Windelo’s innovations, the focus naturally gravitates towards ecological advancements, such as the incorporation of an electric engine, utilization of green energy sources for extended range, and the integration of eco-composite materials like basalt fiber and PET foam. Additionally, attention is drawn to the management of spaces, exemplified by features like the forward cockpit, interior-exterior modularity of the nacelle, and aft terrace.

Therefore, it was imperative to accentuate these aspects in the design of the New Windelo 54. The shipyard enhanced the coherence of the New Windelo 54’s hull sides, top (including decks, nacelles, and coachroof), and interior layout. Efforts were directed towards imparting a more dynamic and robust appearance, in alignment with the brand’s DNA and values.

New Windelo 54 Yachting helm
Courtesy Windelo

The wave motif, historically prominent on Windelo’s sides, is now intricately woven throughout the entire boat. Symbolizing movement and energy, this wave imparts a vibrant ambiance to the catamaran, while also mirroring the performance capabilities of Windelo catamarans. As a quintessential element of the marine environment, the wave symbolizes Windelo’s commitment to eco-friendly sailing, encompassing features such as the electric engine, green energy production, and eco-composite materials (basalt and PET).

Moreover, the Windelo wave serves a dual purpose of combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Beyond its role in facilitating assembly and water run-off, it contributes to visual organization and offers a guiding focal point by directing one’s gaze towards the horizon.

New Windelo 54 Yachting salon
Courtesy Windelo

Key Features of the New Windelo 54

Enhanced Integration of Solar Panels: In an effort to optimize the integration of solar panels, the coachroofs of the New Windelo 54 have undergone an aesthetic refinement. This includes the incorporation of raised areas and variations in levels, accentuated by a wave-inspired design motif. The extension of the hardtop, by 50 cm specifically on the New Windelo 54 model, augments the solar panel capacity, thereby extending the cruising range on green energy.

Forward Cockpit Integration and Design: A notable innovation of Windelo catamarans, the forward cockpit has been further reinforced through the addition of coaming around the nacelle. This serves to enhance the assertiveness of the forward cockpit while visually harmonizing its integration with the overall design. Additionally, ergonomic enhancements have been implemented in two main areas:

  1. Deck Organizer Distribution: The layout of the deck organizer has been optimized, simplifying the line circuits and refining the positioning of the steering wheels.
  2. Seat Ergonomics: The design of the seats has been revised to offer increased depth, achieved through the remodeling of their corners for improved comfort and usability.
New Windelo 54 Yachting cabin
Courtesy Windelo

Windelo catamarans exhibit remarkable performance, effortlessly sailing at wind speed even in light air, owing to the meticulously crafted design of their hull and meticulous weight optimization. This inherent capability is further accentuated by the redesign of the New Windelo 54.

Characterized by curved, assertive, and dynamic surfaces, the catamaran’s aesthetic draws the observer’s gaze seamlessly from bow to stern, mirroring the acceleration of the vessel and the play of reflections. These reflections imbue the catamaran with a sense of direction and purpose, enhancing its overall dynamism and energy—a subtle yet influential aspect that resonates with the subconscious.

In pursuit of a more refined aesthetic, Windelo has extended and reimagined the coachroof to infuse it with an airier and lighter ambiance. The former sharp edges have been replaced with alluring curves, which play with variations in thickness, resulting in a dynamically elevated design. Furthermore, the redesigned tilt of the windshield, symmetrically juxtaposed with the corner of the coachroof arch, amplifies the boat’s elegant and dynamic character, even in stationary state.

If we talk a bit about prices, the French shipyard has provided quotations for the month of January, at the time of the official presentation, which obviously vary depending on the configuration chosen by the owner:

€ 1,380,000 for a New Windelo 54 version Adventure 
€ 1,470,000 for a New Windelo 54 version Yachting 
€ 1,495,000 for a New Windelo 54 version Sport 

New Windelo 54 Yachting sailing
Courtesy Windelo

New Windelo 54 specs

Length:16.24 m 
Beam: 7.98 m 
Draft of standard version: Maximum draft 2.35 m – Minimum draft 1.05 m 
Light displacement: 12.8 t 
Freshwater tank: 400 l 
Blackwater tank: 200 l 
Max. number of cabins: 4 (+1 skipper) 
Max. number of people: 12 
Hull materials: Basalt and PET/PVC foam sandwich 
Deck materials: Basalt and PET foam sandwich 
Type of rigging: Sloop 
Sail area upwind: 199 mq
Sail area downwind: 289 mq 
Mainsail area: 99 mq 
Foresail area: 45 mq
Gennaker area: 190 mq 
Type of engines: Electric and hybrid engines 
Engines power: 2 x 20 kW 
Generator: 18 kW (or 2 x 18 kW on option) 
Engine transmission type: Shaftline 
Energy type: Electricity and diesel 

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