The first Windelo 50 Yachting will be unveiled at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

The first new Windelo 50 Yachting was launched on July 24 and will be unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2023. 

The new Windelo benefits from a magnificent design upgrade and greater autonomy in solar energy. It results from teamwork between our architects (Christophe Barreau and Frederic Newman), designer (Charlotte Schiffer), engineering office, and substantial investment in large molds. 

Designed for ocean cruising and circumnavigation, this environmentally friendly 50-foot performance blue water cruiser boasts a racy and stylish look. The new Windelo 50 Yachting benefits from a substantial move upmarket, thanks to significant upgrades to the decks, superstructure, and roof and a reworking of the layout. With its new features and design, the new Windelo 50 gains comfort, style, and autonomy while optimizing weight thanks to reduced composite assemblies. 

Courtesy Windelo Catamarans

In terms of comfort, the aft deck has been enlarged to provide an even more comfortable relaxation area, better protected from the sun and rain. Thanks to the new deck design and the large molds, the surfaces are much smoother, as the technical systems and the completely new nonskid surface are directly integrated into the mold for more outstanding durability. With its curved and robust surfaces, this all-new 2023 model boasts a racy, dynamic look, and a stronger personality, while the manufacturing process ensures superb craftsmanship. 

The new Windelo 50 Yachting is equipped with 5,680 W solar panels for even greater autonomy and zero emissions while motoring. 

Windelo 50 Yachting: 4 features we love

  • The Windelo catamaran’s structure is made from a new innovative environmentally-friendly composite sandwich (Basalt fiber and PET foam), reducing the boat’s carbon footprint by 47%. 
  • Zero-emission sailing thanks to two electric motors, 5,680 W solar panels, and an under-sail hydro-generation system that recharges the battery bank every day, providing up to 4 hours of autonomy using solely green energies when motoring at 6 knots. 
  • A forward cockpit at the foot of the mast centralizes all catamaran maneuvers. The New Windelo 50’s cockpit can be completely closed, enabling sail protection from the elements, whatever the weather. 
  • A nacelle offering incredible interior/exterior modularity allows you to make the most of your surroundings and enjoy XXL space, whatever the weather. You can transform your living room into an incredible terrace with a simple turn of the winch. 

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