New ICE 64 Explorer Designed By Felci Yacht Design Unveiled and Under Construction

The Italian shipyard ICE Yachts has unveiled the new ICE 64 Explorer designed by Felci Yacht Design, a model that, compared to the ICE 60, focuses even more on easy sailing. The ICE 64 Explorer is a bluewater fast cruiser whose profile stands out for the characteristic carbon T-top, in contrast to the traditional bimini.

The boat features a spacious aft beach area, designed to comfortably accommodate the tender, and is a valid alternative to internal garages. Thanks to the bimini arch, it is easy to launch the tender into the water, simplifying boarding and disembarking operations.

ICE 64 Explorer profile

The T-top is equipped with solar panels to maximize energy efficiency, offering a sustainable approach to navigation. Integrated water collection channels enhance functionality and design, ensuring effective drainage and collection of rainwater and improving onboard water resource management.

The ICE 64 is equipped with an advanced 48V electrical system (including winches), offering significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency, autonomy, and performance.

The reduced draft allows for easy navigation even in shallow waters. The construction of the hull and deck, with infusion lamination from a female mold and the use of hybrid fibers, ensures a combination of structural rigidity and reduction of noise and vibrations.

ICE 64 Explorer view

The interiors, always designed by the “Interiors” division of Felci Yacht Design, are available in a version with 3 cabins and are characterized by a spacious and welcoming dinette, representing another distinctive element of the ICE 64. Its large seats, designed to maximize the comfort of the occupants, can be transformed into an additional bed, offering flexibility and space utilization.

Furthermore, the presence of an adjustable table allows easy adaptation of the dinette to different needs, creating an ideal environment for convivial meals or moments of relaxation. The open kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, a large Corian worktop, and generous storage space. Natural light creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the modern and functional design of the kitchen harmoniously integrates with the other spaces.

ICE 64 Explorer salon

Particularly noteworthy is the aft cabin, conceived as a versatile space that goes beyond its traditional function. In addition to being a cabin, it is designed to easily transform into a work area, offering flexibility that adapts to various needs.

Not only does it provide a versatile and fully equipped environment, but it also plays a strategic role being in direct contact with the area dedicated to navigation and charting. This multifunctional space is equipped with a large workbench, sink, washing machine, and concealed toilet, ensuring the practicality needed for the daily activities typical of a vessel that is lived on for extended periods, hence the “Explorer” designation.

The first two models of ICE 64 are currently under construction at the ICE Yachts shipyard in Salvirola, near Crema, North Italy.

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