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Sailing Nandji, A New Double Episode In Malaysia

The World is Closing Down Around Us… What do we do??? Ep 187

In Sailing Nandji Ep 187 we are up early with the sunrise and head out under sail, close reaching the final 15 nautical miles to Langkawi, Malaysia. Countries were beginning to drastically implement new laws and regulations and us sailors are the most vulnerable. We are hoping to reach a safe harbour before Malaysia shuts the border and we are not exiled at sea. This were changing daily but everything was very new back then and were hopeful that this would not be for long. We continued on with our plans to prepare to leave to Indonesia and we rushed around collecting packages and preparing Nandji for the Indian Ocean. The ladies provision the boat ready for 6 months of sailing and we are waiting on our visas for Indo to be ready and then we are off!

This video was filmed in March as the global covid-19 pandemic took off. We left Thailand on the last day of our visas and at this stage the Malaysian border remained open. India and Sri Lanka had closed and Indonesia was threatening to do so. It was important we reach Langkawi as quick as we can so we would not be stuck at sea.

Living OFF GRID during LOCKDOWN. Our little island home… Ep 188

In Sailing Nandji Ep 188, it is time to head off grid and hide away from the world as Malaysia entered their first stage of lock down. Countries borders were closed and it seemed for at least the next few weeks we would not be travelling anywhere. The streets were becoming empty and people were told to remain in their houses. We did not want to be around civilisation so we did what us yachties do best, head off grid to our our own island home. Living off grid for months at a time is nothing new for us yachties. We are always trying to seek out the far away tropical paradise places away from everyone and everything. Now with the pandemic really taking over the world, now is the best time to do what we do best. With a boat well stocked and ready to sail across the Indian Ocean, our plans change and for now itt is time to head off grid for lockdown!

This video was filmed in March/April as the global covid-19 pandemic took a hold of the world. Neighbouring countries had closed their borders and Malaysia went into a 2 week lock down, which was continually extended every 2 weeks.

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