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The Top Fishing Spots in Florida That You Might Want To Try

top fishing spots in Florida

If you love fishing, then you will agree that it is difficult to find the best fishing spots in your city or state. For people living in or visiting Florida, there are several fishing spots to explore. These are spots where you are guaranteed to catch something good and have a great time while at it. 

In this article, we will explore some fantastic fishing spots you should visit in Florida. 

Top Fishing Spots in Florida

Florida is the state in the United States that is rated as the fishing capital globally. Florida is surrounded by water, and each year, millions of people worldwide come to Florida to fish. 

Are you looking for the best fishing spots to explore? Here they are:


If you are looking for the cleanest beaches in the world where the water is crystal clear, Destin, also known as the “Emerald Coast,” is the place to be.

Destin is famous for its recreational and fishing activities, as well as other activities. 

Destin has been termed “the luckiest fishing village” globally. If you are looking for redfish, red snapper, grouper, shark, etc., Destin is the place to be.


Located on the coast of Florida, Pensacola city, also known as the red snapper world capital is a great fishing location in Florida. Since red snappers are relatively easy to catch, and you can fish anywhere in the city,  many fishermen and women are always excited to visit the area. Many tourists are drawn to the red snapper migration season between June and August and in October too.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are home to some of the most extraordinary fishing globally. It consists of 125 miles of islands in southern Florida. The Keys are a saltwater fishing spot and a favorite of many anglers. People rent boats to explore fishing in the Florida Keys. Some of the common fish in the Florida keys are tarpon, snook, lemon shark, grouper, barracuda, and bonefish.


Stuart is the sailfish capital of the world. It is a beautiful place and has a massive variety of fish.

From sailfish, blackfin tuna, dolphins, barracuda, tarpon, and bonito, Stuart offers the best species around Florida.

Panama City

Panama City is an excellent spot for anglers all year round. Panama City is known for having wild summers. Panama City has crystal clear water and shallow flats, making fishing easy and fun. In Panama City, you’ll find redfish, mackerel, cobia, amberjack, and red snapper.


Jacksonville is a favorite fishing site among anglers because of its vast shoreline of over 1100 miles. Jacksonville has a mix of fresh and saltwater; it has a vast space to explore.

You will find sailfish, whiting, crappie, largemouth, and black drum.


Miami is well-known for its fishing, in addition to its beautiful beaches and fun parties.

From massive sailfish to mahi-mahi, tuna, swordfish, and wahoo, Miami offers a wide range of fish for anglers and explorers.

Methods of Fishing

top fishing spots in Florida

There are many fishing methods, but we shall be enumerating five fishing methods in this article.

Bait or still fishing

Bait fishing is the oldest method of fishing around. As the name implies, bait fishing is using bait for fishing. Bait is attached to a hook that is let down into the water and left still. The aim is to get the fish to eat the bait, thereby trapping the fish in the bait. Some common baits commonly used for fishing are worms, small fish, cheese, grub, etc.


Trolling is the process of using a boat and lines to fish. Trolling is done when lines are dropped into the water from a slow-moving boat. Trolling works both in deep and shallow water, catching different types of fish. The bait is attached to the line to lure the fish.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a method of using fly rods to fish. When a fly bait is thrown with a rod and a reel, The fly is an artificial, weightless bait to lure the fish to the trap.


Trawling is the process of dragging a fishing net through the water behind one or more boats. A trawling net is called a trawl. This allows for catching different species of fish and other aquatic animals. Trawling has an impact on natural marine habitats because the trawls disrupt the form beneath the water; as a result, some countries have banned the trawling fishing method.


Noodling is an artistic method of fishing using bare hands. It is a process where individuals put their hands into fish holes to catch fish. Catfish are a good example here.

In conclusion, you will agree that Florida indeed has the best fishing sites in the world that you need to try. From freshwater to saltwater, from seashore fishing to boat rushing, Florida is an absolute amazement to explore.

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