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Sailing Nandji Ep 95 – Swimming with the BIGGEST School of Fish EVER!

We head out exploring Raja Ampat, discovering the Clearest water and the BIGGEST school of fish ever!

Sailing Nandji Ep 95: we finally depart the city of Sorong, Indonesia. After spending 2 long weeks being landlocked, fixing Nandji and collecting our new tender, it was time to prepare to head out sailing and exploring once again.

With the help from our friend Mister Wick, we got everything sorted and departed Sorong in the gentle afternoon breeze. With not enough wind to reach our desired destination, we spend 2 days slowly cruising the coast and adventuring further west into Raja Ampat.

We have a skype chat with a bloke and decide to accept a new crew member onto Nandji, we have a week to reach port where we will collect our new guest! long the way we dive in the clearest water ever! The water off the small island of Air borek is in the middle of the Dampier straight which brings clean water from the ocean, providing the clearest water ever! Whilst diving we come across the biggest school of fish we have ever dived with!! Amazing!

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