Are you sure you know the right setup to fish from a sailboat? VIDEO

In 2001, thirty-one-year-old Lance Gettler sold everything he owned, bought a sailboat sight unseen over the internet, and went sailing around the world. He didn’t know how to sail, and had only gone sailing once before, nine years prior.

From 2001 he has lived aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean, working on and repairing sailboats. He is also active in the sportfishing industry and fishes for a living. From 2005 to 2006 he sailed around the world aboard his 41′ ketch with his brother, who didn’t know how to sail either.

Lance is now a professional delivery captain, delivering yachts worldwide. 

His book “Fishing to Live” is available on Amazon and covers equipment and techniques for offshore fishing with step by step photos.

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