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ABANDON SHIP!! Get in the LIFE RAFT!! Sailing Nandji Ep 198

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we learn about our old life raft. We recently had a new upgrade to Nandji where we install a new life raft mounted in a cradle for ease and efficiency in the rare case we need to use it at sea.

This means we have our old unserviced life raft that we try to see if it works! We have always referred to the old life raft as the DEATH RAFT, as it had never been serviced since we have had it and it was out service when we bought Nandji.

We changed our plans last year as we could not get this new life raft to Nandji, but now it is installed and ready to use, lets play with the old and learn all about what you need in an emergency situation and show you our drill.

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