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Sailing Nandji – Ep 45, Meeting the world record solo sailor, Jon Sanders

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we had to return to Noumea for yet more repairs to Nandji, hopefully they will be the last ones for quite some time!! We head into the marina and have to remove the forestay and furler. We had to replace the forestay in a foreign country which was good fun. We really need to learn a bit more french to succeed over here haha It is all part of the adventure!!

Whilst at the marina, we were lucky enough to cross paths with the greatest of all time solo sailor, Jon Sanders. This man is an absolute legend. He is currently on the last legs of completing his 10th circumnavigation at the young age of 78. He sailed solo and unassisted non stop around the world twice. Then he thought, I can beat that and went and sailed around the world non stop three times!!! what a man!! When we asked him how he did it, he shrugged it off! This man has sailed around cape horn 5 times!

The only thing he had to complain about was that the floor boards get thrown around went knocked down and you loose your winch handles. What a legend!!

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