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Crossing the Molokai channel on a 9ft sailboat. VIDEO

How does 14 year old Gavin Ball from Hawaii Kai Boat Club prepare for the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda? He sails his O’pen BIC the 25 nautical miles from Oahu to Molokai in 4 hours 39 minutes. So much for “kids don’t try this at home”!


The O’pen Bic, often simply referred to as the Open Bic, is a single handed sailboat designed for younger sailers. Developed by Vitali Design, the boat was launched in 2006. It is an International Class, as recognized by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

The ideal weight for a user of this boat is 30 kg (66 lb)–65 kg (143 lb), but it can accommodate up to 90 kg (200 lb), making it suitable for children and young teens, the same people who would sail Optimist dinghies and are looking for a more exciting boat. Official Website

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  1. Wow thats incredible especially for being only 14! It looks hella fun, I plan on doing the same on a modified kayak with sails.

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