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Sailing Nandji – Road tripping Australia

sailing nandji

Road tripping across Australia to see as many friends and family as we can! Discover more on

Sailing Nandji – Road tripping Australia Part 1

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we leave our humble Nandji home in the safe hands of the marina in Krabi, Thailand and head home to Australia for Christmas. This was a very exciting trip for us as Yosh had not been back to Australia since sailing out of the Gold Coast seaway back in July 2017 and Bonita only returning once over a year ago for health reasons.

To be heading home for Christmas and seeing friends and family was truly an awesome experience for us. We road trip across Australia, from land to sea and visit Yosh’s family around the state of South Australia.

We visit the remote Kangaroo island and then drive 900km across the state to visit Yosh’s little bro and spend Christmas at his mums place. Yosh gets busy with some sheep work, helping out his little brother, we go fishing out in the boat and check out all the animals on Kangaroo island!

This is better than any Christmas present! Australia Part 2

In Sailing Nandji Ep 169, we have been road tripping across South Australia visiting family and friends. We drive thousands of kilometres to see as many people as we can. Australia is a big country and our families are spread acorss the nation.

After cruising around South Oz, we jump on a plane to Queensland and re visit our old stomping ground on the Sunshine coast.We visit Aaron from Kore sails and collect our new A-symmetrical sail. This is better than any Christmas present! Unfortunately during our time hoe, the country was devastated with bush fires and rather than doing nothing we decide we want to help by raising money and buying food to go direct to a community hard hit at the time.

Our time in Aussie land comes to end and before we know it, we are back in Thailand on our way to the doggy resort to collect the Whippet. It was weird not having Marley by our side, but it was great to pick him up again and take him home to Nandji. Australia is great but it is nice to be home on Nandji.

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