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Sailing Nandji, Ep 167 – Leaving Nandji, the first time in 2.5 Years!

sailing nandji

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, it is time to recap what has went down. We have not been able to upload any videos recently due to our recent incident and being forced to work hard on the boat, around the clock. Lets take it back and tell the story that has lead up this point.

We have just dropped Marley off at his doggy resort where he will spend time over christmas and we have docked Nandji in Port Takola marina in Krabi province, Thailand. Here we plan to leave Nandji tied up to the dock whilst we ourselves fly back to Australia for Christmas.

This is the first time Yosh has been home in over 2.5 years! Leaving Nandji all alone is a weird feeling and the preparation that needs to be put into making this all happen has been exhausting. With Nandji safe, we head off to the airport and fly back to our home land Australia!

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