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Sailing Nandji Ep 166 – And then there were two… Leaving our Dog behind

sailing nandji sailing around the world

In Sailing Nandji Ep 166, it is nearly Christmas time and for the first time since leaving Australia in July 2017 we have the opportunity to go home and see friends and family. Yosh has not been back to Oz in over 2.5 years and Bonita only returned briefly over a 1.5 years ago.

We had been working towards being able to do this since changing our sailing plans mid 2019 and finally the final days were upon us. Heading to Oz, means Marley can not come with us due to strict quarantine laws in Australia, instead we drop him off to a carer who will look after him whilst we are away.

And then there were two as we say our goodbyes to Marley. Leaving our shadow in Phuket, we sail across Phang Na bay to the Krabi province where we plan to leave Nandji. Don’t miss Sailing Nandji Ep 166.

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