Hylas H60: the Bluewater signed German Frers born to Perform

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  • -In partnership with GERMAN FRERS Hylas Yachts has 40 years’ experience building offshore yachts
  • -The helm stations are aft of the social cockpit. winch controls and all lines are lead to trim stations
  • -Owners can choose between three- and four-stateroom layouts

The Hylas H60 is designed for bluewater cruising and built using the latest construction techniques. The H60 begins with the hull shape, designed by German Frers to perform in a range of conditions with great seakeeping ability. With a plumb bow and broad transom, the hull makes the most of her waterline length underway. Her hydrodynamic design slips through the water, providing speed with correct comfort. 

The H60 is a yacht for a performance-oriented sailor with an eye for clean design,” says Kevin Wensley, a sales executive at Hylas Yachts. “She’s easy to manage for a couple and keeps the line handling of sailing her away from the social cockpit.”

Hylas H60
Photo Billy Black

Stylish and oceangoing

Hylas Yachts has collaborated with German Frers for over 40 years and built a reputation for yachts that combine ocean sailing capability, classic lines and exquisitely finished interiors. 

Now the company is staking out new territory with the H60. Still ocean capable, still with an exquisite interior but also embracing some of the contemporary demands of today’s cruising sailors. 

The helm stations of the Hylas H60 are aft to the social cockpit. Winch controls are nearby and all lines are lead to trim stations. With an in-mast furling system, the main is easily set, furled, and refeed. A 105% jib is standard for easy tacking and gybing, and an optional self-tacking staysail can reduce time on deck in lively conditions.

Hylas h60 deck

The Hylas H60 continues that tradition of bluewater sailing performance, and improves on it with uncluttered decks and an impressive volume of interior space”, says Andy Huang, CEO of Hylas Yachts.

The yacht has every modern cruising convenience, including a self-deploying anchor, a hydraulic transom swim platform and an optional automated passerelle. A dinghy garage aft eliminates the need for davits and maintains the clean, uncluttered look on deck.

Longtime Hylas fans will not be disappointed by her performance. Built using the most advanced construction technologies, the H60 has been designed to excel in all conditions with excellent seakeeping ability. A plumb bow and broad transom make the most of her waterline length underway, providing speed with optimal comfort.

Her overall style is timeless and we expect this new model to have a long, successful life in the market,” says Germán Frers. 

Hylas H60
Hylas 60 leaving Riviera Beach. Photo Billy Black

Ready to sail 

Cockpits are huge and come in two versions according to the owners’ layout preferences. The deck is flush and clean, with all halyards and control lines running in conduits beneath the deck. There are two keel options, both with twin rudder configuration, for positive control under sail in all weather conditions and good maneuvering under power in close quarters. A telescopic keel is also an option.

The sweptback spreader rig is simple and efficient. Runners will be auxiliary, required only in heavy weather or when the self-tacking staysail is set. The main and working jib set up makes for easy boat handling. The generous sail area performs very well and the A sail can be set from the bowsprit without a spinnaker pole.

Technology & enhancement

The Hylas H60 represents the next step forward for Hylas Yachts in the performance cruiser market. Embracing the latest construction techniques with cored hulls that deliver improved performance, more rigorous quality assurance techniques, and significant strength advantages. 

The hull design and sail plan that Frers has created mean todays voyaging couples can expect to stretch daily cruising distances and find handling the yacht very manageable when short-handed. The introduction of CZone digital switching has made interior system controls easy through portable devices and dedicated touch screens. 

Even the introduction of the highly efficient Volvo D3 engine brings a more sophisticated level of monitoring and control of the fuel and power systems. As prospective clients tour the yacht and look behind the scenes they will see improvements in every area from freshwater pumps to the use of hydraulics for in-mast furling, backstay control, vang control, and the lowering swim platform that opens up the dinghy garage.

The Hylas yard continues to be very busy as a number of new power and sail designs have proven very popular in the last couple of years. “As is the case with most of our models we are keeping a “hull in hand” at the yard to ensure we can deliver the next yacht within a 12-month time frame”, comments Andy Huang.

Hylas H60: italian style signed Hot Lab

Italian interior design firm Hot Lab has created a bright layout with a selection of fashion-forward wood and fabric finishes.

Hylas h60 interiors

Owners can choose between three- and four-stateroom layouts. The three-stateroom layout places a master suite aft with a large berth on the centerline. A VIP stateroom with a queen berth is forward, with private access to a head that is shared with a portside double with up-and-down berths.

The H60 has a lightweight hull with a closed-cell core and is infused with vinylester resin, laid up with a clear isophthalic gelcoat to monitor the infusion process. A bulbed fin keel reduces side slip and also provides the stiffness to carry a tall rig with a commensurate sail area.

Hylas h60 kitchen

Hylas H60, a new level of interior design

Frers has given the Hylas 60 a very spacious and bright interior with a number of cabin configurations. This space has then been fully utilized by Hot Lab to create a contemporary interior that could be described as a masterpiece of icing on a perfectly baked cake.

Hot Lab embraced the intent of the design and took the interior volume in hand to create a special feel throughout the yacht. The clean lines have been created using the yacht builder’s substantial capabilities for interior joinery, while the accommodations spaces exhibit a stylish and modern sensibility, but with a subtle nod to classic woodwork.

Hylas h60 interior

Of course, the H60 has large hull-side windows, a trunk cabin surrounded by windows, and skylights and overhead hatches that bathe the interior in natural light.

We worked in close contact with the yard’s team, and the development of a soft and gauzy mood board has been the result of this relationship,” says Enrico Lumini, partner and interior chief designer at Hot Lab. “This is how we ended up with a whitish, oiled wood, warm, polished-nickel elements, and creamy leathers, all materials and details which blend together in an incredibly soft manner, keeping the traditional feeling of a pure sailing yacht interior, yet contemporary and tranquility-inspiring. Small touches of contrast, given by the wenge veneer and minor elements in marble create the final touch, which brings everything to life, like using a perfect filter on an already beautiful picture.”

Take the virtual tour of the Hylas H60

Amidships, a large saloon area with an L-shaped settee with a dining table and stools also has a starboard-side settee. A nav station is to port and galley starboard. The four-stateroom layout places the master in the bow, using the aft sections for a pair of mirrored double staterooms.

For many years teak has been a staple of the yachting interior due to its rare beauty, its rich golden-brown luster, decorative grain, and unique properties of strength, stability, resistance to wear, and humidity.

Hylas h60 room

Having built more than 500 semi-custom yachts Hylas understands that the interior look can be a very personal taste and they encourage clients, that feel so inclined, to really explore different colors, textures, fixtures, fittings, woods and other fabrics.

There are so many other possibilities and the new Hylas 60 demonstrates just a few. For example, the owner can choose polished nickel, cream, and white leather, oiled white oak wood, wenge wood and walnut wood. The inspiration comes from colors and textures of the shoreline with beautiful beaches, exotic shells, surrounding forest, and sun-bleached driftwood. 

Hylas will continue to build all of their established models and fully expect to be using plenty of hand-selected and sustainable Burmese teak. 


The Hylas H60 hull number 1 is available with a base price of $1.7 million.

Hylas H60


A real modern bluewater

The Hylas H60 is a yacht for a performance-oriented sailor with an eye for clean design.

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