The First Two Units Of New Hylas 57 In Closing Stages Of Production

Hylas Yachts announced that Hulls No. 1 and 2 of the new Hylas 57 well under way and approaching the closing stages of production. Bill Dixon, the designer, visited the factory in recent weeks and gave two thumbs up. The Hylas H57 is a bluewater sailing vessel that offers a combination of proven construction, updated technology, and crisp, fresh lines, and, consistent with the rest of the Hylas line, incorporates the philosophy of building boats with customer input to maximize owner satisfaction.

Hylas has long built ocean-capable cruisers appreciated by accomplished sailors. The quiet calm of a seakindly motion and confidence in the builder’s attention to detail makes Hylas an obvious choice. The semi-custom build approach helps ensure yachtsmen get the boats they need. The H57 is designed by Bill Dixon to be consistent in the Hylas philosophy: The design helps to evolve the concept with long list of technological features that make her easy to sail and enjoy with a her layout attuned to more open, social spaces to share with family and friends.

hylas h57

Hylas H57 Hull No. 1

As to the progress on the first two yachts, Hull No. 1 has the deck laid and the keel and rudders installed, and the structure of the interior has been built. The deck rigging has been laid out and the installation of those components are under way.

This H57 will have a three-stateroom layout, and the design is transforming the third bunk stateroom into a workspace for the owner. The yacht will also feature the optional hard-top with the awning that deploys aft to shelter the helm stations, and the color choices of canvas and other fabrics, as well as the paint scheme of the entire vessel has been set.

The client is very hands-on in the technical aspects of the yacht,” says Christian Pschorr, service director for Hylas Yachts International. “This boat has a Lithium-ion battery system and Czone digital switching, and we’ve been in close communication, exchanging emails with photos and questions back and forth on a daily basis.

Hylas H57 Hull No. 2

The second H57 is also in progress and Pschorr had recently from a visit to the yard in Taiwan, where he saw the hull had been laid up and the keel was nearing installation. The owner of that yacht is also involved in the process. While this yacht will hew more closely to the original specification in terms of technical systems, her owner has been selecting some interesting wood varieties for the interior as well as some fabrics that will make her a one-of-a-kind build.

This second example will also be a three-cabin layout,” says Kevin Wensley, a sales executive at Hylas Yachts. “She will also have a powered fold-down swim platform, which will add a whole new dimension to the aft section.

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