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Sailing Nandji, Ep 60 – Dealing with customs, Bustin out of Vanuatu!

Finally we prepare Nandji to depart Port Villa and sail north to Santo island. We try to check out of the country with Customs, but they won’t let us go!  

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, the time has finally come to prepare Nandji to sail and depart Port Vila, Vanuatu. We get the motor inspected one last time before deciding we are ready to travel. Loading up with supplies and filling the tanks, we have a rougher sail then expected and sail 150nm to Malakula island and spend the night anchored at our own private beach.

Next day we tracks to Santo island where we try to check out of the country. This turns out to be a near impossible task as Customs officers all have different ideas about rules and length of lunch breaks!


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