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Going To Sicily Is Better Than Going To The Moon

Well, we had to check for our selves, so after Sailing one month in Sardinia, we took another month to explore Sicily and in specific the Aeolian Islands. Praised in songs and poems, these 7 islands have been on our top list of places to sail to since we bought the boat.

Funnily, it was Greta’s mum who put them on that list, as it is her own private dream to go and visit them. So knowing she would come to visit at the end of the month, we planned our sailing route accordingly.

The first thing we did in Sicily? Explore their cuisine. Oh, how we love Italian cuisine, especially because every single place has its specialties, they have their own world of foods and somehow these worlds are always incredible and unbelievably tasty.

In Sicily, we had to taste, Arancini and Cannoli. Both deep-fried, but both worth the extra calories. And hey, the cannoli are not with cream like many would think, but with Ricotta, a very light creamy Italian cheese, so they are almost dietarian. Almost ?

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