Perfect 60, The New 60m Self-sufficient Concept Signed Philippe Briand

Following the release of SY 300, a 90-metre (300-feet) concept this spring, Philippe Briand has announced a second concept from this family of self-sufficient performance yachts: Perfect 60.

A smaller but equally powerful ketch with a traditional, carbon-fibre mast and rig, Perfect 60 is a 60-metre little sister to SY 300 featuring the same distinctive contemporary hull with its efficient inverted bow.

perfect 60

Briand has designed the yachts in response to the growing trend for sailing megayachts that are effectively motoryachts with sails, requiring engines to assist in propelling them through the water.

Returning to a more authentic design space for passionate sailors who enjoy taking part in regattas such as the St Barths Bucket, Perfect 60 is expected to take line honours and put her owners on podiums wherever they choose to race. 

perfect 60

Aside from their racing credentials, Briand’s self-sufficient sailing yachts will also appeal to owners who prefer to minimise their impact on the environment while cruising the oceans.

The efficient hull form characteristics of Briand’s designs mean that more power could be harnessed through underwater turbines to charge the batteries on board.

Perfect 60 is a 500 GT, 60-metre ketch with a traditional carbon-fibre mast and rig, with simple lines, has the same distinctive and contemporary hull as her predecessor, and featuring an efficient inverted bow, a wide aft and a flush deck. “With this unique and special design, the idea is to integrate the roof into the deck but still bring in a lot of light on board,” Briand says.

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