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Sailing Nandji, Ep 66 – Removing Shaft in Water without Sinking!

We remove the drive shaft in water and replace a bearing behind the stuffing box. Then raft up with two other vessels in the stunning anchorage of Tokoyo Bay.

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we head to Sesape boat yard in Tulagi, Florida Islands. We were warned about getting boat work done in the Solomons, but the skilful labour at the boat yard matched anywhere else in the world.

Without hauling out Nandji, we removed the drive shaft in water and replaced the bearing behind the stuffing box. I was sceptical at first at how they planned to achieve this and not sink Nandji, but I learnt a new trick and were very happy with the work they completed.

If you need any boat work done, we recommend Sesape boat yard! With a healthy Nandji once again, we quickly return to Honiara to get some food and then head back across Iron Bottom Sound to the Florida Islands to convoy with two other vessels we met along the way. Rafting up in the stunning Tokoyo Bay, we enjoy a dinner with friends on the vessel Sand Pebble.

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