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Sailing Nandji Ep 91 – Helping Hands in a Remote Lagoon

A Young boy is attacked by a Morey Eel and we are the closest thing to first aid in this remote community

Sailing Nandji Ep 91: in this Episode of Sailing Nandji, imagine living in a lagoon in the middle of the ocean. No wifi, no cars, no shops, no hospital and the one land line phone to the outside world is 15nm away on a neighbouring island. Welcome to the Ninigo islands of Papua New Guinea.

This is where we anchored Nandji for a week and spent our time with the local community. A young boy had been bitten by a Morey Eel and with no doctor or nurses and very limited medical supplies on the island, we are the closest thing to first aid. We try our best at cleaning the boys wound and trying to put the brave young lads hand back together.

We visit the local garden where the family grow all their food and head out spearfishing with one of the lads from the island. We are inundated with gifts of fruit and vegetables and have lunches cooked and brought out to the boat. We have supplies and balls for the kids at the school and take a visit to the community school.

Escaping at the end of the week for one quite evening on a remote beach, Marley has some fun and then it is off to sea we go!

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