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Sailing Nandji Ep 118 – Hello NEW MOTOR!! Goodbye old Smokey!

With Nandji on the hard stand, it is time to get this old engine off our boat! Good Riddance Old Smoky!

Sailing Nandji Ep 118: with Nandji firmly set on the hard stand our boat refit begins. After having so many troubles with our old engine in the past, this was the first job tackled, ripping out the old engine.

Nandji is a centre cockpit vessel and the engine is directly below the cockpit, making the obvious choice for removal through the cockpit, hence cutting a hole in the floor. We plan to overhaul the entire engine compartment and everything to do with the old engine. New drive system including gearbox, new exhaust system and new fuel system, including the fuel tank itself.

The old fuel tank was made out of steel and had become rusty and no doubt close to leaking, time to fix everything and get this old stuff of our boat. With some clever rigging techniques, steadily the old fuel tank and our old engine “Old Smoky” are removed and taken away.

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