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Sailing Nandji Ep 112 – Who needs a Gearbox anyway…

The wind disappears and drifting in the current we are heading towards the busy shipping lane… This engine will be the death of us!

Sailing Nandji Ep 112: we return to the islands of Karimunjawa to fix our headsail halyard and get some diesel so we are able to continue our journey towards Malaysia. The further north we sail, the closer to the equator we go meaning light calm winds, smooth seas and massive squalls!

We battle through relentless strong winds and rain to get the island of Belitung in sight. Needing to now traverse a busy skinny shipping lane through the dark night, we challenge ourselves with one hour shifts to concentrate on the compass as we upwind sail near reefs and islands.

As the sun rises on our 6th day at sea, the wind disappears and we try to motor but nothing happens… Slowly in the 1 knot current we drift back towards the shipping lane… Who needs a Gearbox anyway… Ah, We Do!!

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