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Sailing Nandji Ep 106 – Upwind Sailing to Indonesia

Bonita is back on Nandji, I have overstayed my visa... Must be time to sail! Of course something goes wrong...

Sailing Nandji Ep 106: Bonita returns back to Dili, after a 3 week trip to Australia for medical and family reasons. Given the all clear from anything life threatening, she hurried back to Nandji and we set about getting everything in order ready to leave.

We get a Social visa for Indonesia, Load up on food and water and chase down our new Lithium batteries from ReLion. After a little confusion with paperwork, of course nothing is easy, we finally get our batteries on board and set some sails south.

Our destination, Kupang, in Indonesia. Not having the luxury of waiting for a weather window as I had overstayed my visa, we head to sea in a 200nm upwind sail. Arriving in Kupang, the Nandji tradition of something going wrong upon arrival continues…

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