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Sailing Nandji Ep 102 – Rough Seas, Strong Winds! Hang onto your knickers!

Huge Rough Seas, Strong 30 knot winds on the nose, all makes a difficult up wind Offshore 400nm passage!

Sailing Nandji Ep 102: the time has come to depart the beautiful island of Wayag. The upwind passage of 400nm to the city of Ambon was no easy task. The strong trade winds, however, had been howling through the area for over a week and showed no sign of easing.

This video is a in-depth view of what life at sea is really like and the problems faced at all hours of the night.

We put on our PFDs and big boy pants and tackled the rough seas. With strong winds of 30 knots on the nose, it made for some challenging sailing at first. Then days into the passage, the wind disappears and we are left with our broken motor drifting at sea for days…

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