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Sailing Nandji Ep. 88 – We CRASH the APEC Meeting

Only in Papua New Guinea! What a show of cultural dancing, singing and they even eat fire! Like chomp and chew it!

Sailing Nandji Ep. 88: in this episode we finish our sail north to the town of Kavieng. After dropping anchor and heading to shore, we discover that the APEC summit meeting for tourism is being held in the town we just arrived to!

We knew this would mean some sort of show so went to investigate. We arrived early and somehow made our way into the VIP area. The delegates arrived and yet we still remained in the VIP area! After we were invited up stairs for a cold coconut, we realised we were not getting booted out and made the most of our time as VIP’s!

Mingling with the delegates and getting front row of every performance. We watched a bird dance, never before performed in the public eye. We witnessed the ancient duk duk dance from the secret society of Tolai men, who also eat and dance in fire… Only in Papua New Guinea!!

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