Testing our Cheap Electric Outboard for the First Time! – Sailing Britaly Ep. 11

Sailing Britaly Ep. 11. In this video we test our brand new 12v Electric Outboard, order an all-singing, all-dancing VHF radio and take you on a drone flight above England.

We are super happy with our Bison 68 lbs thrust Electric Outboard (a.k.a. Trolling Motor) and we have been recharging the batteries we use to power it with a small flexible solar panel.

We will have much more about this in future videos: we have done some testing of bollard pull, speed, Ah consumption etc. and are experimenting with powering this electric outboard engine with a tiny Lithium-Ion battery pack… (Kind of like having a Torqeedo without the price tag!)

Here’s an Amazon link to the electric outboard we bought:

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