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7 Tips for Living on a Boat with a Baby – Sailing Britaly Ep. 10

Living on a boat with a baby? Why the heck not?! A boat is the perfect environment to spend 24 hours a day together as a family! Here are 7 tips to make living on a boat with a baby easier.

We have spent the last couple of months living on board with our baby and we wanted to share a few things we have learnt to help others who want to bring their baby on board with them. Their seems to be a lot of cruisers expecting babies right now: Sailing La Vagabonde, Jessica and Ryan Adventures, the Daley Adventure to name a few.

We hope that this video might be useful to them and to the countless other families out there on this beautiful blue planet of ours who dream of setting sail with their babies. Is it easy? Nope! Is it worth it? YES!!!!

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