“Sailing is a discover of Lights: lights of seas, lights of time, moon lights…”

Every sailing enthusiast dreams of sailing around the world. There are people who realize this dream. We met Jean and Christiane.

Please, tell us something about you.

We are Jean, 62, business creator, off-piste skier, endurance racing driver, scuba diver, downhill cycler, biker, keen on anything close to risk management, and involved in sailing for more than 50 years (starting on 470’s) and Christiane, 64, pharmacist, eternal crew. We are cruising the world together for 20 years.

Which kind of boat is your “A plus 2″?

Sy A PLUS 2 is an Amel 54, certainly one of the best blue water cruiser to sail the planet. She has been sailing the Med, West Med and East Med, participating to East Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMYR) in 2010, visiting Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. Then she has been prepared to sail ARC 2014, World ARC 2015-16 and ARC Europe 2016. Except Arc 2014 where we had another couple as a crew, we sailed World Arc and Arc Europe double-handed.

What must always be on board?

Good mood, dryness and organization! And, of course complete safety equipment, alternative navigation systems, multiple means of communication…

What does sailing mean for you?

Sailing is one of our major means to discover worlds and people. Having crossed a sea or an ocean makes people different when they say “hello” to you. It’s a mark of respect in which you feel the gap between a tourist and a traveller. Sailing is also telling the truth to yourself and crew on board; failing to that point makes you worth grounding after no longer than a couple of weeks. Sailing is a discover of Lights: lights of the seas, lights of time, moon lights, nights lights, transparency on big waves… Sailing is the first approach to earth: you need to land to appreciate nature. Sailing means you are an “admirer of worlds “.

Which are the five most beautiful places where to sail?

  • Marquises (in French Polynesia). Islands of contrast, wildness of nature, kindness of marquisians, absolute beauty of anchorages.
  • Tuamotus (in French Polynesia). No charts to sail inside lagoons (just a thrill to practice eyeball navigation), crystal clear waters, diving paradise… One of the rewards of a circumnavigation.
  • San Blas islands, with untouched indian population, often one family one island, disseminated inside a coral reef, flats waters swept by gentle trade winds.
  • Remote Islands: Niue, Tonga, Fidji, Christmas Island, Cocos keeling… but (or because) you need to sail the world to reach those paradises.
  • Caribbean islands and their trade winds, making easy sailing.
  • The Mediterranean sea: Aegean for history and surprising marvelous places, Adriatic to discover how Venetian Republic has made the place, or Corsica the mountain island of scents.

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