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Exploration 45: Aventura’s arctic voyage with Jimmy Cornell. VIDEO

Over the past forty years, Jimmy Cornell has logged hundreds of thousands of nautical miles; the Garcia shipyard has built the most emblematic boats for offshore cruising; and Berret Racoupeau has designed just as many. The coming together of these three could only give rise to a sailboat with a distinct character, which was to become the Garcia Exploration 45.

The first of a line dedicated to sailing all the seas of the world, whether high-latitude or tropical, it is obviously made of aluminum and is a centerboard. With twin rudders, the control in rough seas and the smoothness of handling are simply exceptional.

All sailing maneuvers are grouped together in the cockpit, which is particularly well protected by its innovative cap with a view forward. Moving around on deck remains particularly safe, with handrails always within reach and sturdy granny bars.  This allows for easy access to the forward sail locker, separated from the rest of the interior by a watertight bulkhead, the ideal complement to the aft technical room.

Inside, the audacity of the layout quickly becomes convincing, with the intelligence of the solutions provided. The deck saloon offers an unexpected panoramic view of the sea: the privilege of comfortably enjoying the exceptional landscapes that surround you. Safety, always keeping a visual eye on your route, while controlling it from the interior watch-keeping position. Available in two or three cabin versions, the interior benefits from remarkable cabinet-making skills. The warmth of Afrormosia, or the brightness of light oak – all you have to do is choose which.

VIDEO 2. ‪Jimmy Cornell Congratulations: The journey of an Aventura by Garcia Yachting‬

About Jimmy Cornell

Jimmy Cornell was born in Romania in 1940, growing up in Brașov. After studying Economics at the University of Bucharest he emigrated to London, England in 1969 with his British wife Gwenda. He took up sailing as a hobby whilst working as a reporter for the BBC World Service.

In 1975 Cornell, leaving from coast of England, he started a voyage around the world, with Gwenda and their two children (Doina, aged 7, and Ivan, aged 5). It ended up lasting 6 years, taking them to 70 countries and encompassing 68,000 miles. Cornell sent back regular radio reports to the BBC World Service throughout the voyage, which was to become the first of three circumnavigations Cornell has completed totaling over 200,000 miles afloat.

In 1986 Cornell set up the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), in which cruising yachtsmen who want to complete a transatlantic crossing sail together in loose convoy. Following the success of the first ARC, Cornell founded the World Cruising Club, and organized a few other events: the Blue Planet Odyssey, the Atlantic Odyssey and the European Odyssey. Cornell also wrote the book World Cruising Routes first published in 1987 by Adlard Coles Nautical, it has gone on to sell 150,000 copies.

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