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Sailing Nandji – Ep 37, Gadgets, Halyards & Goodbye Grandpa!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our boat for off shore blue water cruising. We get a delivery of technology gadgets from Digital Yacht and we bring Nandji up to the 21st century.

Installing a long range wifi antenna and router, a new wind sense on top of the mast and an AIS system. Bonita has been studying and completed the long distance marine radio certificate. After many comments on a previous video, I remove the cap shroud connectors and get new mast connectors fabricated and installed.

After nearly ten long years with Grandpa, our car, we give him a clean and put him on the market. It is sad to say good bye to such a reliable old vessel but we do not need wheels where we are going!

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