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Sailing Nandji – Ep 34, Applying Kiwi Grip to the deck!!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our yacht for blue water cruising. We prepare the deck for a fresh coat of non-skid using KiwiGrip.

Bonita sands the deck and then cleans it using water and then acetone. Yosh then re-seals the fittings with new silicone. We primer around the outside of the deck and get stuck into applying the kiwi grip. The product is a yoghurt like consistancy, we are a little nervous at first to use it but after a practice run on cardboard, soon find our rhythm.

We roll out the KiwiGrip and wait 3 days for it to dry hard. We take off the dodger and Bonita sews on a new zip. Yosh completes the fibreglassing job on the aft, port side to strengthen our davits. We have a rainy few days which allows us to check for leaks.

Yosh pulls up the staircase to inspect the bilge underneath. We get some new toys and give an update on our upcoming voyage.

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