Discovering the IC37, the new one-design Keelboat chosen by the New York Yacht Club

After a decade of competition with the Swan 42, the New York Yacht Club announces the IC37, the new keelboat class that will carry the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, sailing’s premiere Corinthian interclub competition, into its second decade, and beyond.

Production on the IC37, designed by Mills Design with support from KND-Sailing Performance and SDK Structures, will start in the next few months.

Unlike the Swan 42, which was built to cruise and race both around the buoys and offshore, the IC37 is purpose-built for competition. The flush deck, square-top main, open cockpit and wide beam carried all the way to the transom are all hallmarks of a thoroughbred raceboat, designed to be pushed hard on all points of sail.

The IC37 – a working class title that’s subject to change – will measure in at just over 37 feet, or 11.3 meters, with a 6-foot retractable sprit. The beam is just shy of 12 feet and the displacement is scheduled to be approximately 8,000 pounds with 50 percent of that in a T-bulb that will draw just more than eight feet.

A two-spreader carbon rig will support 900 square feet of upwind sail area and 2,000 square feet of downwind sail area. The projected ratings for IRC, ORC and ORR are 1.180, 542.7 and 545.3, respectively.

You can discover more on Sailing Scuttlebutt.

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