The Platform That Makes Yacht Charter a Reality for Everyone

A lot of sailing lovers renounce to buy a sailboat because the maintenance is too expensive. A solution to overcome this problem is to earn by chartering their own boat. But… how to find clients? To answer, we met Darko Ivanoski, Digital Marketing Executive at Book2Sail.

1. Please Darko, tell us something about you.

I’m the Digital Marketing Executive here at Book2Sail. We’re a relatively new company made up of a skilled and fantastically driven team of enthusiastic individuals.

2. Book2Sail is a platform dedicated to the “charter world”: how does it work?

How the platform works is extremely simple, a boat owner can create an account and have a boat listed in less than ten minutes, at zero cost of course. Once done, the owner has full access to upload, edit and manage her/his vessel(s). From the other side, a potential charter is able to search and find her/his desired vessel, either by location or boat type, submit a request, select dates from the calendar and communicate via Book2sail with the owner. We have put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring the functionality of our platform, however, should either party ever have any queries or need any help, we are always on hand to help out!

3. Why Book2Sail is a good idea for the owners?

Book2Sail provides boat owners with a sophisticated and efficient management system for their vessel(s) that is incredibly easy to use. Owners are able accept requests and communicate via the platform with charterers.

Whitmore, once part of our diverse community, they are able to utilize and take advantage of our powerful online marketing capabilities made possible by an amazing team of experienced and dedicated web marketers and SEO specialists.

4. What are the most requested boats?

With so many different and interesting boats on offer, choice of boat really comes down to personal preference and location. At the moment we are seeing a large amount of interest in Turkish Gulet’s. This 2-3 masted traditional wooden sailing vessel originates from the South-Western region of Turkey, better known as the Turquoise coast, ideal for relaxation, partying or exploration.

5) You know very well the cruising world: which are the 3 best places to sail at least one time in a life?

What a question! And a very difficult one to answer at that – with such an abundance of choice when it comes to location, beauty and unique charm. We would recommend the following three;

Croatia – With more than one thousand islands peppered along Croatia’s picturesque Adriatic coastline, this culture rich & versatile destination is perfect for party goers, explorers and of course, those simply wanting to switch of and unwind.

Turkey – This breathtakingly beautiful location offers over eight thousand kilometres of calm and easily navigable coastline. Turkey’s South-Western shores, known as the Turquoise coast, provides clear warm waters beside plush & mountainous back drops, never too far from an ancient treasure or serene cove.

Malta – At the risk of sounding biased, if we had to choose one location the Book2sail team would unanimously choose Malta, and in particular Comino and Gozo. From its vast history, culture and welcoming people, to its crystal clear tranquil waters, untouched islands and hidden coves, Malta is an amazing place to visit. It has also become a very popular destination for those looking to move abroad and it’s possible to gain citizenship there via Malta’s golden visa program. Malta truly is the gem of the Mediterranean.

You can discover more about Book2Sail here.

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