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Sailing Nandji: Out to the australian reef we go!

Ever since before owning Nandji, a place we had really wanted to visit was Fitzroy reef. After watching videos and checking it out a thousand times over on  google maps, it was one place that I have been itching to go to.

Discovering Wednesday night of last week that I was not needed to work until Monday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make our maiden voyage out to southern part of the Great Barrier Reef for a long weekend. After a quick weather check, mother nature could not have agreed more with our plan.

A good 15-20 knot Easterly breeze on the Thursday to blow us out there, and dropping off that night. A forecast of Gary glass off for the next couple of days and then finally a northerly breeze beginning Sunday and extending through the week for us to return to 1770. Not only were the winds looking perfect for our spontaneous trip, but tides were heading into the neap cycle. Meaning only minor tidal water movement. The visibility for diving should be next level…

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