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Sailing Nandji Ep 144 – Sailor Girl Lives With Mentawai Tribe

Sailing Nandji Ep 144: we decide we want to challenge our selves as our sailing plans have changed. So Bonita leaves Nandji on a solo mission into the jungle to live with the remote Mentawai Tribe who live and follow their traditional ways. She leaves Yosh all alone on Nandji who in the next episode performs his first ever offshore overnight solo sail.

Bonita heads deep into the jungle on Siberut island to watch and learn how the traditional tribe live. She stays with the Shaman Cookie, who invites her into his home and shows Bonita some of the daily tasks of living in the Jungle.

Cookie teaches the ways of collecting and eating insects, how to make poison arrows to kill animals and goes fishing in the stream with a local lady. This is an experience of a life time as she is the first girl to travel solo to the remote tribe and live amongst them. What a brave lady!

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