Nuva MS6, a 6m Motorsailer with… the extendible Cockpit. Brilliant or crazy Idea?

The new Nuva MS6, presented al Barcelona Boat Show, is a small, functional and… really strange sailboat! In only 6,5 metres we have a motorsailer.

The main goal has been to design a vessel that allows both amateur and advanced sailors to enjoy it in equal measure. Its reduced size and easy handling allows the enjoyment of the various modalities of nautical leisure: sailing, speed boating, anchoring and making the most of it’s spacious solarium.

With a length of 5.99 metres and an extendible cockpit with a beam going from 2,45m to 3,45m, the boat creates a larger space where to have lunch or enjoy a comfortable sunbathing platform when at anchor. This area is completely convertible: it can covert into a large table, while the pilot’ seat can transform into a sofa.

Entirely designed and built in Barcelona, by BYD Group, Nuva MS6 ispushed by a  70 HP outboard which ensures a maximum speed 20 knots and a cruIsing one of 14. These high performances are made possible by a fully retractablE electric keel which enters the bottom in order to improve the attitude of the boat when the engine is started. Inside, there are two beds and a bathroom. 

The Nuva MS6 will allow to anchor in minimum depths and hibernate without the need of a dock as the keel is retractable. The extendible cockpit can transform the beam from 2,45m to 3,45m…


An original idea, but sailors will love it?


  1. How far have you progressed with this model? Any in the U.S.? What is weight and approx. cost?

  2. My previous email did not include model number MS6. Please send as much detail (specs) as possible. Is there one on the east coast of the U.S. for viewing?

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