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Breakdowns and Storms in Channel Islands

One blistery winter morning four years ago, Erik and Meagan stumbled onto a plan… two boats, several uninsured surgeries, countless unforgettable friendships, and a whole lot of work later they, along with their furry companion, Nikka, finally sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left.

Traveling South along the west coast of the Americas, and then on to …? Your guess is as good as theirs, maybe they’ll sail over to Hawaii, maybe sail around the world.

They once heard a wise man say “routine is the time killer,” and they took it to heart. They are sailing the Pacific Ocean attempting to live every day with their eyes open and minds engaged. For the first time living each day excited about the possibility of tomorrow instead of dreading or trying to control it.

You can follow Erik and Megan on their YouTube Channel

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