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Sailing Britaly Boat Work – Saildrive Diaphragm Replacement

In this “Sailing Britaly Boat Work” video, I replace the 26-year-old saildrive diaphragm seal on our boat.

I disconnect the saildrive from the engine, move the engine forward, then remove the saildrive assembly from the boat. I then split the saildrive leg from the transmission and replace the diaphragm seal along with some associated gaskets and o-rings.

While I’m at it I replace the prop shaft seals and lower bearing housing o-rings on our Volvo Penta saildrive. I then reinstall all of the above ready for our launch, which went successfully:

We saved $$$$ by doing this job ourselves & I share the mistakes I made during this job with you so that you can avoid making any of them! 🙂

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