Bavaria C46 Debuts at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Bavaria Yachts is ushering in a new era at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 with the world debut of the cutting-edge Bavaria C46. This vessel builds upon and extends the design legacy of the successful C-LINE from the German shipyard.

This yacht offers an abundance of space combined with the renowned Made in Germany durability, elevated sailing performance, and an enhanced onboard comfort factor. This is made achievable through the pronounced chines and the V-bow, already renowned for their outstanding sailing attributes in the previous Bavaria C38 and C42 models, while simultaneously creating unparalleled cabin space. The Bavaria C46 introduces a novel rig-sail concept that optimizes the joy of sailing, whether handled solo or with a sporty crew. Furthermore, the versatile deck layout of the Bavaria C46 caters to a diverse range of requirements. In terms of aesthetics, this yacht embodies elegance and sophistication, earning accolades with its nomination for European Yacht of the Year.

The Bavaria C46 promises a distinctive experience, blending enjoyment, comfort, and safety on the high seas. Regardless of one’s preferred sailing style, the C46 proves to be the ideal companion for exploring the pleasures of sailing in all its nuances. Drawing upon decades of expertise, the C46 offers a multitude of customizable configurations, allowing sailors to tailor their experience to individual preferences.

The Bavaria C46 charts a new course in melding interior design, top-notch sailing capabilities, and forward-thinking solutions. Like its C-LINE counterparts, the Bavaria C46 is a collaborative creation between the Bavaria development team and Cossutti Yacht Design. With its distinctive chines and the iconic Bavaria V-Bow, the C46 exhibits agile yet exceptionally stable sailing behavior. Whether it’s leisurely sailing with a small crew, single-handed navigation, or high-performance outings with a larger crew, the Bavaria C46 offers a comprehensive range of options to maximize sailing enjoyment. Six optional winch positions, ample upwind sail area, and further choices for gennaker and Code0 cater to diverse sailing preferences.

Bavaria C46
Photo Ben Scheurer

Even under the mainsail and self-tacking jib, the Bavaria C46 boasts an impressive sail area of 115 square meters upwind, thanks to the novel rig-sail concept featuring larger headsails. The substantial 56 square meter genoa, sheeted at a narrow angle through the genoa rails on the housing, ensures enhanced speed and optimized turning angles, resulting in maximum upwind performance. The inclusion of gennaker, Code0, or the innovative Permanent Code0 further optimizes the sail plan for varying wind conditions. The Permanent Code0 is particularly user-friendly as it can remain permanently attached to the bowsprit, eliminating the need for constant disassembly, making it as convenient as a traditional genoa.

All halyards and trim lines are directed to the two central winches at the helm, simplifying sail management. Additionally, optional electric furling systems for the mainsail and electric winches for headsail trimming are now available, offering an unprecedented level of convenience. Powerful lithium batteries can be installed upon request to provide energy for the trimming system and other onboard amenities, potentially supplemented by removable solar panels on the bimini for extra electricity generation.

The Bavaria C46 offers two distinct options for gennaker and Code0 trimming. For those sailing predominantly with a small crew or solo, two additional winches at the helm station, in addition to the central winches, can be chosen. This arrangement ensures easy access to the larger genoa sheet. On the other hand, when sailing with a larger, more active crew, the two supplementary winches on the cockpit coaming are the preferred choice. They provide crew members with straightforward control of the genoa, gennaker, and Code0, affording the skipper ample space behind the newly designed helm stand, ensuring easy access to vital information from the coaming.

Bavaria C46
Photo Ben Scheurer

To enhance crew comfort and convenience, three additional B&G displays are available above the companionway, providing instant access to vital data such as boat speed, wind strength, wind direction, course, and depth.

With the Bavaria C46, the development team has meticulously crafted an interior and cabin space that combines ample room with comfort. In addition to its appealing design and superior construction quality, the C46 prioritizes the creation of a spacious and communicative salon for both the owner and crew, while also preserving maximum privacy in the luxurious cabins. Consequently, the C46 offers a versatile range of layouts to cater to individual preferences and needs, ensuring an exceptional sailing experience.

The salon serves as the perfect gathering spot for quality time with family and friends aboard the Bavaria C46. The slightly elevated Bavaria on-board office, complete with a navigation table and essential nautical equipment, encourages collaborative interactions with the crew in the galley. This innovative design allows for working on the navigation system or even preparing meals together. The spacious salon table, complemented by a U-shaped sofa, can effortlessly transform into a generous lounging area at the touch of a button, thanks to the optional lowerable salon table.

To ensure a well-lit and ventilated salon, Bavaria Yachts seamlessly merges traditional yacht construction with contemporary concepts. New skylights, expansive hatches, and hull windows not only flood the salon with natural light and fresh air during the day but also offer unobstructed views of the sails, whether from the on-board office or the salon table. In the evening, energy-efficient linear designer lights integrated into the deck panels provide the perfect ambient lighting for the salon.

The available layouts range from 3 to 5 cabins, accommodating various needs through versatile multipurpose spaces. For instance, an owner can opt for a 4-cabin configuration, each with its private bathroom, ensuring optimal privacy and comfort for all guests. Alternatively, a 3-cabin layout with an exceptionally spacious owner’s cabin and an additional separate multipurpose cabin accessible from the companionway can be selected. This multipurpose cabin can serve as storage, a wet oilskin area, or immediate access storage space.

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