Sarch S8, a Small 8 Meters Sailboat to Cross The Oceans 

The Sarch S8 model comes to increase Sarch’s cruiser S range. A fast sailboat, towable, comfortable, easy to manoeuvre and ready to navigate on high seas. All this in a length of 8 meters.

One of the fundamental aspects of the design is the sailboat’s lines. The S8 is purposely crafted to be a fast cruiser. So that the navigator feels the speed when sailing. This feeling is enhanced by the materials from which it is built. The raw materials used make it a light sailboat. A combination that made me glide through the waves and convey sensations like few boats I have tried so far.

Everything has been thought of in the manufacturing process. For example, Sarch gives the possibility to choose the S8 with an outboard or inboard engine of up to 20 hp. With an electric start and remote control. If you opt for an inboard engine, it is installed in a compartment in the cockpit, without taking space away from the cabin.

For the sails, the shipyard relies on a classic: North Sails. They generally install a set with a larger Squarehead and a furling genoa jib. But they can be changed for Sport Pentex or 3DI models, depending on the sailor’s preference. Knowing how important safety is for all sailors, the S8 has a composite keel with a lead bulb. This way, the heaviest part of the boat is deeper into the water, and thus the sailboat becomes more stable.

Sarch S8
Image courtesy Sarch

Sarch S8, Onboard Comfort

To design the interior of the Sarch S8 the first thing that was taken into consideration was the owner’s comfort. A comfort that surpasses any boat in our segment, within the possibilities that a cruiser of 8 meters in length has.

The cabin is the perfect height to make getting in and out as simple and effortless as possible. And the spaces are spacious and bright. Although they may seem unimportant details, when you are inside the sailboat you still have the same feeling of freedom that you have on deck.

To make the boat like a house on the sea, on the inside, there is a triangular bed on the bow, a cabin in the stern with 1 double berth, a separate toilet, a kitchen bar, a lounge area, and a large storage space. You also have the possibility to place an electric fridge. And all of this was built with the utmost care.

It is not the most luxurious hotel suite in the world, but on the S8 you have everything you need to spend the summer nights on board as comfortably as possible. One of the things that made us fall in love was the fact that we could anchor practically on the shore of a cave, without the need of an inflatable boat to approach the beach, since it has a fantastic system of a lifting keel.

Sarch S8
Image courtesy Sarch

The experience of sailing with a Sarch S8

Beyond the technical data, there is no better way to know if a sailboat is suitable than talking about the sailing experience. Hear from those who have experienced firsthand the sensations it transmits with changes in wind gusts, how maneuvers are made or the ease of handling to have a more realistic and sincere vision of the cruise.

One of the most striking features of the S8 is its dynamism and speed. A speed that you can control thanks to its ease of movement. When you try it, you’ll feel like you’re flying over the sea. And the scent of the foam from the waves crashing against the hull will make the experience even more captivating.

The composite keel model with lead bulb means that, despite being a light boat, it is not affected by the wind gusts or destabilized by the force of the waves. A single piece that transforms this Sarch sailboat into a safe vessel, making it surprisingly stable, which constitutes one of its great qualities. A soft rocking that makes the experience of sailing a S8 sublime.

It should be noted that the cockpit is protected, so the owner will be able to keep dry during the entire voyage.

Operating this cruiser is quite simple. Maneuvering has been simplified to be easy, centralized over the cabin with 1 main winch and 2 cockpit winches, which are sufficient for the main maneuver and trim controls. This allows for solo sailing. On deck, the helmsman has the necessary space to sit comfortably and make the whole journey pleasant.

Sarch S8 Specs

Length7,95 m
Draft0,50 / 2m (standard lifting keel)
Displacement1200 kg (standard Keel) version Lite
Sail area39m2
Gennaker 65m2
Design CategoryB 10 people (Bulb keel 1,75 & standard Keel) A 6 people (Bulb keel 1,95)
TowableYes, with Licence: B + E
Cabin Height1,83 m (entrance area)
Engine OptionsInboard / Outboard
Keel OptionsKeel function without bulb (standard) (liftable option)Composite keel with lead bulb (liftable option)Composite deep keel with lead bulb (liftable option)
DesignerÁxel de la Hidalga
Price ready to sail83,000 Euros + Taxes


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