Sunreef Yachts: 3 Models (and Projects) We Love

Sunreef Yachts is one of the world’s most popular designers and manufacturers of luxury sailing (and power) multihulls. The driving force behind the Sunreef Yachts shipyard is Francis Lapp – the company’s Founder and President.

Francis Lapp opened a shipyard in Gdansk (Poland) – a city with long traditions in naval construction and the most skilled workforce. With the launch of the world’s first 74ft luxury oceangoing catamaran with a flybridge in 2003, the yard sparked a change in the philosophy of multihull design.

The yard has easy access to the most optimal infrastructures: a 300-ton floating crane, which can lift yachts up to 210 ft, in-house workshops, and experienced craftsmen. The yard also provides a comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and electronic service. There is also a dry and warm storage space for storing materials while the yacht is under construction, which is very convenient for any captain or project manager.

Our editorial team selected three of our preferred Sunreef Yachts models. What do you think about?

Sunreef 43M Eco

The new Sunreef 43M Eco is a fully customizable 43m multi-hull and offers a modern emission-free cruising experience. Green-tech and high-performance sails provide the Sunreef 43M Eco infinite range for all-year exploration. With solar cells seamlessly integrated into her bodywork, mast, and boom, this electric superyacht generates green energy for unlimited, emission-free motoring. While under sail, the 43M Eco keeps producing clean power, thanks to her advanced hydro-generation system.

Sunreef MM460 Cat

The design is defined by its impressive glass superstructure, atop which sits a 60 sq.m flybridge.  This additional expanse of space not only gives the dual helm positions clear sightlines in all directions but also provides a safe yet thrilling spot for guests to relax whilst the yacht is under sail, with fantastic elevated views.

The main saloon is accessed via full height glass doors, which retract almost the full width of the superstructure, and a spacious lounge and dining area, which expands to seat 18 guests, awaits.   

Sunreef 70 Custom 

The Sunreef 70 balances extreme comfort, great performance under sail, and advanced technology. A fully-customizable model, she offers an infinite variety of custom layouts and décors. The yacht’s hull and superstructure were designed to maximize living space and seaworthiness.

Also available in the Eco version, the Sunreef 70 Eco is a fully-customizable luxury craft offering the best of sustainable yachting, supreme comfort, reliable performance, and advanced technology. The yacht’s hull and superstructure were designed to maximize living space and seaworthiness.

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