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Aeolos P30, the Small Sailboat You Can Launch Without A Crane

The Aeolos Performance 30“ (Aeolos P30) is optimized for single and double hand sailing and works in a wide range of offshore conditions up to category A. This boat is not only a fast carbon sailboat but also a concept for short-handed sailing at low costs.

The boat is very well optimized under ORC handicap rule, but without compromising performance. With the current ORC rules being so precise now, this boat will be long lasting fast all-around design.

The Aeolos P30 is a long-lasting fast all-around hull design for a very nice price. Ideal for short and medium-distance racing and typical Baltic Sea and Solent conditions – windspeeds 12-14 knots average. The CFD calculations proved that a single rudder and a close eye on the wetted surface are fast under these conditions.

For long-distance racing and heavy wind, you may choose the double rudder option.
This boat doesn´t follow the marketing-driven design or rating trends. Sure, the rating issues are important and are very well optimized, but not on the cost of hull performance. The ORC rule becomes better and better, and it means producing waste if you produce a rule breaker.

Slip the Aeolos P30 on a beach

Using the trailer will give you the ability to do a lot more races and training. One weekend you can sail on Lake Garda (Italy), the next weekend Cowes week (UK). During a three-year racing campaign, the running costs are usually higher than the costs of buying the boat. The yard has spent a lot of time reducing the time for launching the boat without the use of a crane. 

aeolos P30 small sailboat
Image courtesy Aeolos Composite

This small boat can be launched off a beach or slipway from this trailer. Using the drive-in aids, you are able to put the boat on the trailer while the trailer is completely submerged. The precise cradles for the hull and keel bomb will hold the boat exactly in the spot that holds the ship and securely. After the boat is being retrieved, it is tilted to its transport position. With only 2,5m widths you are allowed to drive on roads globally. The stable tilting device allows the keel to remain in the boat. The low center of gravity lets you drive safe and comfortable.

The Aeolos P30 is ultra-transportable:
• mast laying device and divisible mast
• retractable keel and rudder
• removable, folding bowsprit
• tilt trailer (no permission for Italy/Lake Garda necessary)
• the boat fits in a open 40″ container

aeolos P30 small sailboat
Image courtesy Aeolos Composite

The trailer has a particularly stable tilting device so that the keel can remain on the ship. With this trailer, you can go into the water on the beach. With the boat, you aim towards the bow winch of the trailer and, thanks to the two drive-in aids, you are placed gently and precisely at the exact spot that holds the ship and the keel bomb securely

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