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Boat Safety: 4 Important Tools You Need To Have On Your Boat

Being safe on your boat is a special kind of safety to be considered and is not usually something that is common knowledge.  This is why you should have these tools on your boat at all times.

Boat safety tips


Of the most important tools that you need to have on your boat is the multi-tool.  It’s best recommended to find a heavy-duty multi-tool that is resistant to corrosion but also have in mind that even those tools should be washed once in a while in a bucket of freshwater to make them last even longer. The extra tools that are included in the multi-tool can be used for all kinds of repairs because they have as the name suggests many tools such as files or scrapers, as well as screwdrivers. This tool is great to have on any occasion especially on a boat.

Communication tools

Another very important tool to have on your boat is any kind of tool that will provide safe communication from your boats to the shore or from your boat to other boats. Every bought that is out on the sea has a radio built-in.  More specifically, marine radios are specially built for this occasion and will keep you safe in case you have to contact the shore or other boats. They are not your typical radio but have been specifically designed for being used on the boat.  Having proper communication such as the marine radio is imperative for any boat owner.

Waterproof flashlight

In addition to the previously mentioned tools,  it’s extremely important to have a flashlight on board.  To be more specific,  a waterproof flashlight will go a long way and can even save you in case of an emergency.  This too will give you a clear vision when you need to make repairs,  and it will also provide you with a way to signal that you are in danger.  Just make sure that the flashlight has proper batteries and it is in operating condition.  It might be useful to know some basic Morse code so you can signal SOS with a flashlight just in case you ever find yourself in danger or case of an emergency.


Last but not least you should always have some tape on your boat.  Any kind of tape will do a good job,  but if you can buy different types, you can have one for any kind of repair or emergency.  An electrical tape is great to fix everything from shoes to lose wiring. In addition to this self-amalgamating silicone, the tape will stick to itself and is generally considered a one-size-fits-all material.  This kind of tape is also very small and light,  which is why you should have some duct tape for bigger emergency fixes because they can be so strong that they can even fix some leaks.

These four tools are some of the most important ones to have on board. They can help repair all kinds of damages, but most importantly they can help you communicate with other boats and the shore, to make sure you remain safe. 

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