Insieme 40, the New Bluewater with a Semi-Center Cockpit

The Insieme 40 is a new bluewater sailboat specifically engineered for extended voyages with a small crew, prioritizing utmost safety and ease of handling, even for single-handed operation. Additionally, the yacht is meticulously constructed to withstand challenging sea conditions, ensuring stability and smooth sailing in rough waters.

The underwater portion of the hull is crafted from durable solid laminate, reinforced with carbon and aluminum in high-stress areas. Waterproof collision bulkheads are integrated into the bow for enhanced safety, while the keel seamlessly merges with the hull through a recess. A semi-skeg design enhances rudder flow and safeguards the steering system.

Above the waterline, high-quality PVC sandwich laminate enhances hull rigidity and insulation. Internally, the hull is fortified with a solid laminate structure for effective force distribution between the rig, hull, and keel. Designed by renowned nautical designers J&J, the Insieme 40 combines a sleek waterline with a high ballast ratio for swift acceleration in light winds, along with stability in rough conditions and high waves.

Insieme 40 sailboat lateral view

Its pre-balanced rudder ensures exceptional maneuverability and safety, minimizing hull damage in the event of grounding or collision. The Insieme 40 excels in ease of handling and is well-suited for solo sailors. Wide side decks allow safe movement on deck, complemented by sturdy handrails and standard solid guardrails for added safety. Generous deck fittings and winches simplify sail handling, with essential lines led back to the cockpit.

The cockpit of the Insieme 40 blends safety, comfort, and quality of life both underway and at anchor. Its innovative semi-center design, deeply integrated and fully enclosed, offers optimal crew protection while sailing. A solid windscreen made of high-strength acrylic glass enhances safety. At anchor, the spacious seating area and electrically lowering swim platform make the cockpit an ideal spot for leisurely days and evenings on the water.

Insieme 40 sailboat

Insieme 40, the interiors

Beneath the deck, the Insieme 40 boasts a spacious, contemporary interior flooded with natural light. Crafted from oak, the interior is adorned with meticulous details to guarantee exceptional comfort onboard, whether anchored or navigating the seas: premium-grade materials, easily accessible storage solutions, well-insulated cabins, and consistently optimized ventilation. The cabins offer a minimum headroom of 74.8 inches (1.90 meters), ensuring ample space for a relaxed stay.

Insieme 40 sailboat

The layout of the Insieme 40 is crafted for life onboard with a small crew. At its core lies the welcoming salon, featuring a snug seating area, an extendable bench, and an ergonomic workstation capable of accommodating a large 22” monitor. The U-shaped galley not only provides abundant storage but also ensures safe cooking even in rough waters. Optionally, an induction cooktop with a microwave can replace the gas stove.

The Insieme 40 is equipped with numerous amenities for a comfortable experience. The master cabin boasts a 1.75m (5.7 feet) wide luxury mattress. The expansive head offers a separate shower and an optional, ingeniously integrated washing machine, simplifying daily routines and enhancing convenience. In the galley, an optional induction stove enhances cooking comfort and safety. Additionally, the yacht offers an ergonomic workspace for those needing to work remotely.

Insieme 40 sailboat

Advanced yet dependable technology equips the Insieme 40 for self-sufficient sailing over extended periods. Standard features include a 660AH lithium consumer battery and a seamlessly integrated 400Wp solar system on the deck. We exclusively source equipment from leading manufacturers with global service networks, ensuring reliability and ease of access to spare parts — crucial for long-distance voyages. All systems are designed for straightforward access and user-friendly maintenance.

Insieme 40 Specs

Overall length: 12,4m
Overall width: 3,99m
Draft (L-keel): 1.90m
Draft (T-keel): 1,95m
Mainsail: 45,6mq
Furling jib: 36,1mq
Top genoa: 67,7mq
Gennaker: 81,5mq
Motorization (standard): Volvo, 50hp
Motorization (electric): on request
Fresh water tank: 400l
Diesel tank: 300l
Waste tank: 58l

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