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Japan Coastguard Rescues Man Stranded for 22 Hours on Overturned Boat

The Japan Coastguard rescued a construction worker who was stranded at sea on his overturned boat for 22 hours. They released a video of the rescue operation with swimmers reaching the boat and bringing the man to safety.

The 69-year-old construction worker reported he was alone working on a port construction project near Yakushima in southern Japan when his boat overturned. The man was able to scramble aboard the overturned boat and notify fellow workers who alerted the Coastguard. 


When they located the boat, it was approximately 19 miles offshore near Onoaida Port. The man can be seen atop the overturned boat sitting near the stern. The Coastguard reported that he had wrapped himself in a tarp and was clinging to the propeller shaft.

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