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New Southern Wind SW105GT Taniwha Has Set Off on Her Maiden Voyage. VIDEO

southern wind
Photo courtesy Southern Wind

After extensive sea trials, the new SW105GT Taniwha has set off on her maiden voyage, heading for the Mediterranean Sea. An experienced crew of 4 men and 3 women will take turns along a journey of 7400 miles, passing Santa Elena Island, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and finally entering the Med via Gibraltar.

Christened in Cape Town in April 2021, SW105GT Taniwha is the latest yacht launched by Southern Wind, a “smart custom” yacht with strong character and an elegant and unmistakable style, designed by Farr and Nauta Yacht Design.

Taniwha comes in a GT (Gran Turismo) deck configuration, carefully conceived for the owner by Italian studio Nauta Design, also responsible for the yacht’s exterior and interior design.

With Naval Architecture by Farr Yacht Design, the Southern Wind SW105GT Taniwha has a full carbon hull with her foredeck and cockpit in Nomex and pre-preg. Lightweight and with a generous sail plan, the yacht is made to perform in any sea and wind conditions.

southern wind
Images courtesy Southern Wind

Taniwha stands out for the elegance of her interior, as Massimo Gino from Nauta Design explains: “For us here at Nauta Design Taniwha’s interiors are state-of-the-art: in just one yacht you find all of the latest design innovations combined in a coherent way and perfectly matching the GT style of the deck. Floating lockers fixed to the hull sides emphasize the yacht’s hull shape giving a feeling of lightness; slanted and curved bed bases allow for extra cabin space, counters covered with fabric perfectly match the teak softening the perception of volumes; the combination of the light flooring and the fabric covered wall panels give brightness and warmth to the interior”. These are just some of the small details that make Taniwha a supernatural creatures, as her Maori name recalls.

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