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The Southern Wind Rendezvous And Trophy Kicks Off

Southern Wind
Photo Southern Wind

There were eight Southern Wind yachts docked at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda this morning, ready and eager to get the Rendezvous and Trophy underway. These are the newly launched RP-Nauta 100 Morgana, SW96 Seatius, SW94 Aragon, SW110 Thalima, the SW82s Grande Orazio and Ammonite and the SW100s Cape Arrow and Freebird.

YCCS Commodore Michael Illbruck welcomed the SWS fleet. “The Rendezvous format is a great idea- even though it might be hard for some of these yachts to resist the temptation to race”, he joked. “It’s a beautiful group of boats and a great opportunity to sail in a wonderful environment without the pressure that can come with racing. It’s a real pleasure to have this fleet at the YCCS”.
And the Commodore was right. The Southern Wind yachts participating in the Rendezvous left port before the racing fleet and followed a winding course through the Costa Smeralda’s islands. The two SW82s, Grande Orazio and Ammonite, had their own match race, joined by Freebird who was enjoying stretching her sea legs as the morning clouds parted and the day turned beautiful, warm and sunny. The designated picnic spot was the lovely Cala Majore bay off Isola della Maddalena, a perfect spot for spectating their friend SW94 Aragon’s race.  After heading out early, the Rendezvous fleet came back late to find chilled magnums of Bellavista wine, perfect for raising a toast to a lovely day on the water. 

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