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YYachts Y8 “Vegas Baby” Delivered and Three More Models Will Follow Until Summer

yyachts y8
Image courtesy YYachts

YYachts in Greifswald will hand over four yachts to their owners this spring. The start was recently made with the Y8 “Vegas Baby”. This 24-meter sloop is currently completing sea trials on the Baltic Sea off Greifswald with her crew.

The construction and the timeless exterior styling are the work of Lorenzo Argento. The Italian designer comments:
This project is a nice example of how a good design brief comes to fruition. We have slightly redesigned the hull compared to our original Y8 design, especially at the rear by redefining the stern geometry and the control console. The cockpit also offers slightly greater protection as a result of these measures.

yyachts y8
Image courtesy YYachts

Inside, the owner of the “Vegas Baby” drew inspiration from a previously built Y8. Francesca Modica of YYachts’ design team says, “The customer liked `Makai` so much that `Vegas Baby` got a very similar interior. We only modified the crew mess and galley a bit.
Overall, the interior designed by Design Unlimited can be described as modern – light woods contrast with a dark floor and gray fabrics.

By summer, YYachts will be launching two more Y7 models and a 90-foot custom yacht with a design by Bill Tripp and an interior design by Winch Design.

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