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The New Befoil 16 Sport Catamaran Finally Unveiled

befoil 16 sport
Image courtesy Befoil

Do you remember the Voilavion? Befoil came from this R & D project, imagined by Benjamin Magnard, aiming to create a hydrofoil boat equipped with a tilting mast, which flew from its first sea trials.

Specifications were drawn up in collaboration with VPLP, a naval architecture firm whose reputation is well established, to create a hydrofoil catamaran that is easy to use and accessible to all: the Befoil 16. It is a 16-foot hydrofoil catamaran designed for lovers of new sensations and sailing schools, which is easy to handle, and which, thanks to its large surface area and stability, allows safe navigation over water.

befoil 16 sport
Image courtesy Befoil

The new Befoil 16 Sport

Made in Europe and assembled on the premises in Lorient, the Befoil 16 Sport is a high-quality construction thanks to the infusion manufacturing process.

This sportier version was launched at the end of 2020. The Befoil 16 Sport is lighter, stiffer and more canvasy, for performance on the water. Intended for private individuals and sailing schools, this hydrofoil catamaran adapts to all sailing programmes, to learn how to fly on the water easily and to fill up with sensations.

befoil 16 sport
Image courtesy Befoil

With its self-regulating T-foils and its 2 load-bearing rudders and glass/epoxy hulls, the Befoil 16 Sport is the latest addition to the Befoil series. In trapeze sport mode, or in comfort mode with theoptional ladders, the Befoil 16 Sport provides a great feeling of speed. The boat takes off from 8 knots and can reach up to 20 knots.

Benjamin Magnard, president of Befoil adds: “Everyone dreams of flying on water! Thanks to the Befoil 16 Sport, all flying boat enthusiasts – whatever their level – can take off as soon as the weather is light, combining pleasure and speed!“.

The Befoil 16 Sport recently took off thanks to its distinction as “Foiler of the Year 2021” by French magazine Voile Magazine.

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